Savings From Going Solar in Gujarat: An Insightful Guide

Savings From Going Solar in Gujarat

Make your bill Kora kagaz again’ by scheduling a free solar consultation today.  (Solar in Gujarat)

It’s already 2023. Are you still paying exorbitant electric bills? You are not required to. Installing a solar system is one method to escape the cycle of excessive electricity bills. 

Solar savings are sufficient to fund the vacation you’ve always wanted but couldn’t plan since your budget was constantly dwindling. 

We created this post specifically for you. Continue reading to find out what kind of savings we’re talking about. 

How much money can you save by going solar?

The amount of money saved by your solar system is determined by its capacity. Why, you may ask? The number of units produced by a system is determined by its capacity. (Solar in Gujarat)

Here’s a breakdown of the average number of units produced by a solar system.

Capacity of the solar systemAverage units generated yearly
1 KW1400
2 KW2800
3 KW4200
4 KW5600
5 KW7000

Per se, the electricity tariff per unit in your area is ₹10. Here’s what the yearly savings will look like:

Capacity of the solar systemElectricity tariff per unitAverage units generated yearlyApprox. yearly savings
1 KW₹101400₹14,000
2 KW₹102800₹28,000
3 KW₹104200The capacity of the solar system
4 KW₹105600₹56,000
5 KW₹107000₹70,000


The savings from solar depend upon the electricity tariff you pay and the capacity of the solar system. We hope our guide on going solar gave you an idea about the savings you can have if you install a solar system. 

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